Jack nicholas Group


Metalwork is our passion

All our staff are highly trained, experienced and passionate metalworkers, they understand the importance of working together to ensure our clients receive quality products every time


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting offers very high precision, this delivers the appropriate tolerances required to manufacture high-quality products, consistently, every time.

Our highly skilled staff receive ongoing training to ensure they maximise product efficiency and quality, by deploying the up-to-date machinery, techniques and latest software updates.


Our highly skilled operatives receive ongoing training to ensure they are always making the most of new techniques and the latest software updates.

CNC Punching

Laser cutting is ideal for many applications, however, some are more suited to CNC punching, typically, if there are many perforations, punching can be more efficient than laser cutting.

Our CNC punching facility can handle many materials such as mild steel, pre-galvanised steel, aluminium, stainless steels, copper & brass. We use a state-of-the-art offline programming system which allows for seamless production with new parts being programmed while previous approved tranches are in production.


CNC Bending

We operate several top-of-the-range press brakes; our staff are highly skilled at folding metal to the exacting tolerances.

Folding metal is a science, it may appear straightforward, but there’s a tremendous amount of engineering behind each folded part, we have a full understanding that diverse materials all have specific properties like tensile strength, hardness and density.



Welding is an art form, many offer welding services which to them is just fusing 2 items together, however, our highly experienced welders are fully conversant with the latest MIG/TIG techniques and equipment, their level of finish is second to none.


CNC Machining

We supply all your CNC machined parts so all your metalwork is single-sourced.


Paint finishing

We offer a one stop shop for all powder coated and wet spray finishes including bespoke finishes and thousands of colours to meet your specifications. With our on-site spray booth and oven, we offer fast turnaround for time critical projects.


complete metalwork solutions provider

We supply our clients with everything from single items to large production runs in the hundreds of thousands, hence with our capacity and knowledge, experience and passion we will deliver all your metalwork needs.