‘Jack Nicholas Group has a factory space employing over 40 staff staff in Sonak, Poland only a handful of miles from the Ukrainian border.

Some of our valued staff are Ukrainian and have voluntarily been conscripted, they are currently fighting in the city of Lyviv which is under siege from Russian tanks and air strikes.

Land near to our factory is being used as a refugee camp for thousands of women, children and wounded who cross the border daily. My Polish Production Director Mariusz and wife Justyna have been feeding these poor souls, but their resources are running low.

Inspired by the words of my late Grandpa John, I was not prepared to stand idly by, I have withdrawn my biggest 22-ton truck from work deliveries and pledge to fill it weekly with humanitarian aid packages which will be sent to the Polish refugee camps and onward into the Ukraine if required.

A few days ago, our truck’s first trip was organised in conjunction with the Clapton Adventist Church. Their congregation had gathered several tons of care packages which I helped load, interrupted periodically by interviews with BBC 1 News (click to view), The Times and several regional press outlets. Meanwhile at our UK HQ my staff are regularly filling two 40-foot containers with kind donations for future trips.

We are at the point now where we have enough clothing… what we urgently need are: medicines, non-perishable foods, cleaning materials and bedding.

I have seen videos of grateful refugees receiving these packages from our first run and their messages not only bring me to tears, but also, strengthen my resolve to keep standing with the Ukraine.’

Jack Nicholas Banbury – Managing Director

If you wish to bring a care parcel in support of the Ukrainian people, deliver it to the Jack Nicholas Group depot:

Pixmore House, Pixmore Avenue, Letchworth, Herts SG6 1FQ

Our truck leaves every Wednesday, goods should ideally be contained in cardboard boxes, which maximises the truck’s load space and protects the contents; each should also be clearly labelled, and feel free to add personalised messages of support.

For any queries contact Steve on 07592 109 626
Or check our Instagram Jacknicholasgroup
Or website www.jacknicholasgroup.co.uk for updates